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I’m not quite finished with this project, but out of anything I’ve worked on that Pinterest inspired, it is by far my favorite. It all started last winter when I saw Genevieve use illustrations on book pages in a dining room redo. Ever since, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to use them in my own home.

The frame inspiration was found on one of my favorite blogs that you’ve heard me mention before, Shannon Berrey Design. She shared these colorful frames and it challenged me to think beyond all the black frames currently hanging on my walls.

So, I had ideas but needed to figure out how and where to use them. Enter, the problem wall in my kitchen. I have a large, empty wall and my husband says we aren’t staying in the house long enough to paint it. Combine birthday generosity from my family and my inspiration, and I knew just what to do!

Surfing Etsy (another favorite past time), I discovered a few vendors (FauxKiss and Winterberry Cottage) that had good quality illustrations printed on genuine book pages. Since these would hang in the kitchen, I decided on botanical, vegetable and insect prints.

Next, choosing paint colors…. I already had a turquoise-esque blue and a green going on in the kitchen. I saw the following images on Pinterest and believed I could easily add an orange and yellow to the mix.

The paint choices:

  • Laura Ashley Home “Inlet Blue” LA1215
  • Eddie Bauer Home “Balsam” EB44-4
  • Valspar “Toasted Apricot” 2006-3B
  • Valspar “Soft Duckling” 3001-2A

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. I began by laying out the frames on the floor into an arrangement I liked. Then, I placed the illustrations into the frames where I felt they worked best. (Mixing the black & white and color illustrations throughout.) The next step was to decide what paint colors would go well with each illustration and making sure the same colors were not too close in the arrangement. (Do you spot that yarn-wrapped “S” in the arrangement? This is where I ended up using it.)
  2. After finalizing the frame arrangement, I removed all the glass and backs from the frames and primed them. NOTE: I chose frames in varying sizes, shapes and details so the final grouping appeared ‘found’. I also bought them 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I highly recommend waiting to purchase them on sale, especially if you’re purchasing multiple frames.
  3. Using the photos I took of the arrangement on the floor as my guide (from Step 1), I painted each frame using two coats to be sure to cover it completely.
  4. Trying to make the hanging process as easy as possible, I used a technique I saw on Young House Love. This simple process of tracing each frame onto paper and marking the spot where the brackets are really takes the frustration out of hanging a group of frames!
  5. After finalizing the placement, I was just a few hammers of the nail away from my (almost) final project. And by almost, I’m referring to those empty green frames that will soon hold a few of my vintage teacups inspired by this Pinterest pin.

Total Cost:

  • 7 prints ranging from $7.80-12.00 each
  • 9 frames ranging from $2.00-15.00 each (sale prices)
  • 4 paint samples at $2.99 each
  • Yarn Covered “S” less than $5.00
  • Vintage teacups (owned)