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You’re probably thinking by now “Does she do anything but pin and projects?!” Well, yes I do, but this post isn’t my project. I’m going to brag on my dad for a bit. Ready, set, go.

I came across a pin I thought was pretty smart and could be cool in my son’s room. Then, I remembered my dad had just told me he needed to clear out most of his trophies. (Brag: my dad was kind of a sports star growing up. At least that’s what I’ve been told. His dad (my grandpa) gave me articles and newspaper clippings that talk all about his baseball and hockey accolades. And, by the number of trophies that lined my grandparent’s basement, I feel ok to use the word “star”. Besides, doesn’t everyone want to think their dad a star?)

So, I send my dad this picture of the pin….

And he makes these!

Each board has 5 trophy tops in various metal tones. One board is baseball trophies and the other is hockey. I love them and they are the perfect addition to my son’s room.

While I don’t have step-by-step instructions since this wasn’t my project, my dad did say it was pretty easy. Apparently every trophy top screws off. So besides cutting the board to size and drilling the holes for the trophy men, he simply screwed them in the board and put the mounting screw holes on each end. He did recommend being sure to use metal trophy toppers because the plastic would not be strong enough to hold anything weighty.

I’d say this is a trophy-worthy project! What do you think?