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Considering I just spent a few hours in the last day with the always inspiring Tim Sanders, there are many ways I can think to answer this question. But, I’m going to stick with my intent from a few days ago. Remember when I asked you to take this survey?

This is why. I came across this headline in my Google Reader: A 30-second test to determine whether your boss is a gem or a jerk.

Let me clarify, I have a wonderful boss, so that was not what got my attention. I love the “gem or jerk” comparison in the headline, which is why I used it for this very post. (Plus, I’m a total nerd and enjoy taking tests.) The test, if you haven’t guessed already, is the simple survey you all (maybe) took. The results of my survey confirm the scientist’s findings.

The study Daniel Pink references found those who wrote the E so they were able to read it, were more ego-centric and would be the “jerk” in the headline. Those who wrote the E so others could read it were more empathetic and were often thinking of others perceptions and needs first. These individuals are the “gems”.

I promoted my simple survey on Twitter and Facebook, which generated 16 responses (at publishing this post). Ten respondents wrote so others could read the E. I thought the majority leaning this way made a lot of sense considering the respondents were most likely social media users. If you use social media successfully, you’re probably empathetic, considering your readers/followers/friends, and others-oriented.

Hopefully, if nothing else, this bit of information causes you to pause and think about your focus on others.