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In honor of being real (as promised on this site), I should disclose that I almost titled this post “Super Simple String S”. But then I thought better of it. Ha!

Basically, this easy project was inspired when I saw someone pin some string covered letters from Etsy. I thought “smart!” and then “I could do that”. So I did.

In a weekend full of projects, I knew that I could put this to use immediately in a frame collage for my kitchen. Here are the simple steps and how you too can make your own yarn covered initial. ‘Cause who doesn’t want to spend their weekend on a project like this. Ha!

Step-by-Step How To:

  1. I purchased a thin MDF letter “S” in the wood-craft section of my local craft store. I also purchased yarn that coordinated with the colors of the items I planned to hang the completed letter with.
  2. Note: This next step was definitely trial and error so do what you find to be successful. I realized that a) with the shape of letter and b) with the fact I would need to cover the front AND sides of the 3-dimensional letter, I wound the yarn around the letter first horizontally starting with the endcaps and then vertically around the entire letter. (Biggest tip: hot glue is your friend. Every time I started and stopped the yarn, I glued it in place on the back. This also came in handy to keep the yarn in place that was going vertically on the edges.)
  3. I was definitely pleased with the result but went a step further and hot-glued a few old buttons on the S for additional detail.

Total Cost: $1.99 for the initial “S” and $3.39 for the yarn (not all was used)