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Recently, my grandmother gave me an antique fan she found while cleaning out the attic. I love this sort of thing. I already knew it needed to be cleaned. Badly. But I wasn’t sure how I wanted to restore it. (I use the word “restore” loosely, since I don’t really know how to restore anything.)

Enter Pinterest. And a burst of energy. And my mind works like this:

I have this…             Love the Color…            I could paint the fan!…   Voila!

Step-by-Step How To:

  1. Wearing protective gloves (for all steps), spray WD-40 on the metal piece and scrub with a coarse brush. I used a Stanley brush.
  2. Next, I took a Scotch sponge and scrubbed the whole fan again.
  3. I then took paper towels and cleaned the entire fan from any WD-40 residue. The fan was definitely in better condition, but still needed to be painted. (below: pic 2)
  4. Then, I used Krylon “Gray” Indoor/Outdoor Primer to cover the fan. (I read that Gray was recommended to cover metal.) (below: pic 3)
  5. Finally, having been inspired by the Peacock Blue chest above, I sprayed the entire fan with Krylon “Regal Blue” Indoor/Outdoor Gloss. (below: pic 4)

Total Cost: $4.99 x 2 for the spray paint and primer

What weekend project(s) have you taken on this summer? Have you been inspired by Pinterest too? Need an invite to Pinterest? Let me know!