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Last week, I received a tweet from Klout that I had received a Klout Perk. (It was the first I’d heard about these, so I figured it was worth a try.)

Apparently, my Klout score qualified me for a complimentary $10 Subway gift card.

Well – my Klout score is nothing without those who interact with me, so I’m gifting the perk back to you. Here’s how you can win:

  1. Tweet @HSchoegler and @subwayfreshbuzz and tell me how you enjoy #avocado. It could be guacamole, on a grilled cheese sandwich, on a salad, or better yet…on a Subway sandwich!
  2. Be sure to tweet no later than 5:30 pm EST today (June 21). I’ll select a winner using Random.org.

Cheers to perks!

UPDATE: Congrats to @Punkinelly on winning the gift card! Avocado and Cottage Cheese is quite the combo! Kudos to random.org for making the selection.