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I’m excited to be joining Andrew Hoffman (@BeTheLink) and Heidi Floyd (@FollowHeidi) as a panelist for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Northeast Indiana (@AFPNEIN) chapter. Together, we’ll be discussing how to Effectively Use Social Media in the nonprofit environment.

In preparing for the panel, I found myself coming back to the question “What is the ROI of social media?”. Isn’t that what most attendees bosses are wondering? I guess I’m assuming the word “effectively” references seeing some results (i.e. ROI).

I believe it’s important to define what ROI is for yourself and your organization. (And if you say “follower count”, think again.) Effectiveness of any tool should directly relate to your goals and whether or not you’ve achieved them. Also, I don’t think the effectiveness of a tool is exclusive to either for-profits or not-for-profits. There are plenty of examples of social media use generating both positive and negative results for both types of organizations.

Recently, I’ve used social media for some Parkview and Parkview Foundation related needs. You can learn more about our goals and what transpired over Twitter by checking out these presentations via Slideshare.

Parkview PRMC Construction Convo View more presentations from Heather Schoegler

Parkview Foundation’s Cookin’ Men Twitter ROE View more presentations from Heather Schoegler

Based on these examples, I’d say it was an effective use of social media. Would you? What other nonprofit examples do you have of effectively using social media to meet your goals? I hope you’ll share them!