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If you’ve had more than one conversation with me, more than likely I’ve mentioned the book “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders and his lovecat theory. I’m such a fan of this theory it became the subject of my master’s thesis.

Tim Sanders has a new book “Today We Are Rich. Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence.”

Let me tell you, this is another book that will be getting many mentions, recommendations and will likely be gifted as well (which is a very lovecat thing to do). As with “Love is the Killer App”, Sanders writes in a way that laces common sense with writings, research and teachings of the past. This is an easy read and is full of valuable information for anyone.

At first I wondered if there would be many takeaways for me in my life right now. I feel blessed rich every day when I think about my life. That said, Tim reassures this book can be applied by those who feel rich and those who do not. Little did I realize that I would find so many applicable tools for my life in this moment. A few of the tools I found most valuable:

  • I’m currently aware I need to get my body in shape healthy. Tim reminds, “You should be as careful about what you put into your mind as you are about what you put into your mouth.” Point taken. On to be careful about my mouth and mind…
  • In past posts, I’ve talked about how I am spending my 10,000 hours. I’ve felt like I may have been closer to my purpose than I have in this past year. I’m getting better but using Tim’s (well, Billye’s) question “What are you not doing today that you were doing then?” really hit home. 
  • Social media – love it and the potential it can have personally and professionally. But where do you draw the line with who you connect with thereby adding to your information stream? I really appreciated the advice about filtering down your intake – reading, television, people, etc. – to only positive. Consider the old addage ‘You are what you eat’. I’m not one to equate the number of my Facebook friends as my value and have recently considered cutting back the number of people I “friend”. I’ve struggled with my motivation for this and then the perceptions others may have of this action. Tim reassures talking about Billye’s method, “Her positive-intake plan wasn’t selfish – it was purposeful. The filter she put on what or whom she listened to wasn’t prudish – it was prudent.”
  • Finally, his advice to move s-l-o-w-l-y in the morning. What an excellent piece of advice and what a real struggle this will be for me. (But needed!) Each morning, I wake up, grab my iPhone from the nightstand and check what has happened online overnight. This is my ‘gentle’ entry into each day. More than likely, I can improve on what is my first intake for the day. More than likely this change will yield big results.

Personally, the icing on the cake is a few random parts of the book that resonate with me and my experiences.

  • The inflection Tim portrays in Billye’s speech when she says “confident”. It’s exactly the way my Pawpaw spoke. He added emphasis to a syllable when he wanted to add purpose or even humor.
  • Much of Tim’s story with Billye takes place in Texas and bits of New Mexico are woven throughout. My grandparents lived in Albuquerque for 30 years and so many of the descriptions of the geography took me right back to Indian School Road.

Maybe you’ll find some similar items (and maybe not), but it seems like this book really was matched the title of this blog…real, random and relevant.

When it all boils down, this is the relevance it has for me personally and professionally.

“And because we were able to share, we’re worth something. By being able and willing to give, we are rich.”

Tim Sanders, Today We Are Rich, pg. 8

I’ve taken so many notes in this book and flagged as many pages that I could go on and on. I’d rather let you go on and get your own copy. Can’t wait, download an excerpt here. No matter where you are in life, this book provides wonderful examples of ways you can improve and begin to live richly, generously. It’s something I talk about every day at work and something I’m more excited about to live every day in my life.