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This box can only mean one thing…


Meet, the Col.

Bag in Box

Oh, he brought a sweet little friend! (I’d love to get the back-story on this…)

Fun Treat

After he took off his coat of plastic and got a bit more comfortable, we started to get to know each other. Like any girl, I love a good leather bag, but I’m especially drawn to “real” leather. As the Col. puts it “not from Condominium Cows…citified and devoid of character.” The Col. reminds me of those real cowboys I knew when we lived in Nebraska. Genuine, rugged, Americana, John Wayne.

The Col.

Now that I’ve completely fallen in love, here’s a bit more of all the little things that make him special.

Complete with my monogram, this bag is beautifully adorned with characteristic marks. (And thank goodness for the monogram or my husband would be walking away with this courier!)


All the little notes and details tucked away in an inside pocket tell you that time, love and care go into each bag and the Col. wants you to know it.

Great features

Oh – and don’t lose those keys. The lock on the front isn’t just for looks if you want extra security. However, the snap at the bottom of the closure makes it very secure. The paper tag (shown on far left) explains, 

This snap was used on WWII era army gear. (The snap) only opens by pulling up on the end of the leather strap, which prevents it from opening accidentally.

Thank you, Col. I do appreciate this unique piece of military technology.

One of my favorite (and probably least featured) features is the adjustable strap. Gorgeous brass hardware complete with the Col. Littleton logo make this hook-and-eye type device for adjusting the length of shoulder strap more than easy.

Adjustable Strap

And now, without further adieu, here are a few various shots of the Col. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do…

For those of you who enjoy a back view…

Back of Bag

Packed full (from bottom to top): my 15” MacBook Pro, a file folder, recent copy of Fast Company, current book to read, wrislet, iPhone, pen, lip-gloss, iPod.

Everything in it

They are accurate when they say it holds a laptop and an iPad. Here is the pocket built to hold your iPad. (I hope I have one to put here someday soon!)

iPad Pocket

And, because I’m a girl who loves to know size based on perspective, here I am wearing the bag cross-body, which I’ll do most often. I’ve adjusted the shoulder strap to it’s longest point. On the right, I’m holding the bag, which is another good option. (For reference, I’m 5’3”.)

Using Cross-BodyUsing Handle

Now that I’ve got the Col., I can’t wait for Monday.