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It all started with a little Tweet…

@hschoegler Littleton tweet

I’m a big fan of www.griffintechnology.com products and follow their blog as well as Twitter (@griffintech) and “like” them on Facebook. Of course, when they posted an opportunity to win a Col. Littleton No. 42 Courier bag on their blog, I jumped at the chance and posted the tweet as requested to be entered for my chance to win.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday when I received an email (via DM) from @griffintech saying “I sure hope you know the answer!”. Of course I scream, realizing that it’s after Noon and I may have gotten the winning question posed to me. (You see, you had to watch a video on the blog post and be able to answer a question about it if you received the winning tweet.)

I opened Hootsuite, and sure enough there it was. I quickly responded with the right answer.

@griffintech question tweet

And they responded by confirming the win on the original blog post…


And a very sweet tweet…

@griffintech congrats tweet

And then the anxious waiting began until I arrived home today at the very same time the UPS man arrived with a special package. More on my meeting the Col. in next post…