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All the Single Ladies

The Indiana Commission for Women is looking for single mothers who are willing to share their stories.

To quote Jane Sellman, “The phrase working mother is redundant.” It takes a whole lot of work to raise a child, to nourish the future. It takes a village, as the old adage informs us. Today, the rearing and upbringing of tomorrow’s leaders demands everyone’s full participation at every level: mothers, friends, community, state. In Indiana, we see that 31.1% of our single mothers are struggling below the poverty line. This statistic alone however, does not capture the full impact of single motherhood on the many facets of self-sufficiency and raising children. One of our research initiatives at the Indiana Commission for Women is the Mothers in Transition Project. This is a qualitative community needs assessment with women who are living the transition into single motherhood. Our goal with this project is to capture the stories, experiences, and challenges of single mothers to better understand and address the needs of Hoosier families. In the process of this research I have spoken with single mothers from varying backgrounds and circumstances. Their stories are as diverse as their personalities. Setting differences aside, there emerges a confluence of issues that all single mothers face. In identifying these shared needs, we can begin to invoke that village to do the work it takes to nourish our future.

We are still looking for single mothers who would be willing to share their stories and perspectives. If you or someone you know would would like to be a voice in this project, please contact Stella Tran at Stran@dwd.in.gov or call (317) 234-3376.

You may remember my post about the comparisons I make. To follow up, comparisons aren’t healthy and I’m doing my best to stop. I wasn’t passing judgment nor saying I felt judgment from others but rather put the comparison on myself. So adios to comparing and hola to celebrating.

Here’s to celebrating single mothers who are some of THE hardest working women I know.