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Mentor or Mentee?

I currently have the privilege as serving as a mentor for a bright senior at Manchester College. She’s interested in going into my field and has a personal connection to health care. She’d be a tremendous asset to any organization and I’m thrilled to be growing a relationship with her.

That said, I always worry that I’m not being an asset to her.

I’m a big huge fan of Tim Sander’s Lovecat theory. If I’m applying it well, I can put these fears to rest. Here’s why. Utilizing this theory allows me to share information based on a relationship and to also learn by receiving feedback and ideas from my mentee.

Have you ever had a mentor? Not someone you tried to model after but a deliberate relationship that involved feedback by both parties and investment of time, knowledge and talent. Recently, it seems like everyone’s been talking about the mentor relationship in my Google Reader. Here are just a few articles I’ve come across:

If you’ve benefited from a mentor or are interested in serving as one, why not consider this for your #FeelGoodFriday today. Send a note to your mentor and let them know what they’ve meant to you. Or, find someone you’re interested in building a relationship with and that you can both benefit from knowledge sharing and invite them to enter a mentor/mentee relationship with you.

Please let me know how your relationship progresses!