Grace (my 4-yr old): “Mom, your phone buzzed and I looked. It was a text message, you know where the little letters come up and you can write like a postcard? So, I typed and sent them a text message back. I wonder if they’ll send one back to me?!”

Me: (Look at the phone to see) “Well, fffyahghgiak back at you”. (Scroll up to see who she is communicating with and what was said…)

My boss via text: “Everything ok?”

Grace via text: “fffyahghgiakbyobfff”

My boss via text: “Well, fffyahghgiak back at you”

Me via text: “Agh! I’m so sorry! Grace grabbed my phone…”

My boss via text: “That’s what I figured. Glad you’re all ok.”

Me: “Whew!”