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Two down. Twenty-four to go in my goal to read twenty-six books in 2011. Let’s be honest though: my list was more than 26 and I keep adding to it! I’m now treating this as a running list of books I want to read, re-read and finish reading. I will read 26 of them in 2011. 

I’m really excited to see some of my own friends take this as inspiration for starting their own reading challenge. In fact, I’ve added to my list based on theirs. (See Courtney’s and Brian’s. Anyone else?) And, one of my original sources of inspiration recently shared 47 books he thinks are worth reading. (Of course, a few have found their way to my list as well.) Good thing I love to read! For now, here is my book list (in no particular order).

Have you started a book list for 2011? What is on it?