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Oh, Twitter. Why must you perpetuate a problem?

Twitter: Who to Follow 01.27.11

I clicked on Twitter’s suggested “Who You Should Follow” link and was surprised to find so many Dallas area people and businesses. Why would Twitter think I’d be interested in their content. Is it because they’re media? Maybe. Is it something else? And then I realized….Twitter thinks I live in Fort Worth. So, here is my letter to the Twitter editor:

Dear Twitter,

I live in the second largest city in Indiana, which is located in a ten county region we call Northeast Indiana. I was born here, and have lived elsewhere, but am proud to call this city home once again. We have an impressive group of individuals who call our city home. Many of these individuals are active in your Twitterverse and most of us are wise and use the hashtag named for our city. Our community is home to inventors and entrepreneurs. We offer our nation business excellence in industries like defense, healthcare, and more. Our citizens are able to enjoy excellent cultural amenities. Residents in our community are able to truly make a difference, no matter their age or affluence. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished but are more focused than ever on where we are going. We’re a region to watch. You won’t want to miss what we’re about to do. And, when we show you why we’re worth watching, you’ll want to be sure to know who we are and where to find us on the map. We are #FortWayne. You won’t find us in Texas.

Thank you for your attention,

A Proud Citizen