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First (had to continue the alliteration), thank you to those of you who let me know you appreciated my “God Things” post. It’s not easy to be vulnerable real and it’s nice to know when someone is experiencing a similar thought or moment or even to just say, “I love you.” I know encouragement means a lot to me, so I wanted you to know that you meant something to me this week with your responses.

But, today is Friday. And that made me think. (Cue the “a-ha” music…) God-things don’t have to be the big, hit-you-over-the-head kind of realizations. It can be simple little things that happen all the time to let you know He loves you and is thinking of you. Maybe we don’t always notice them because we’re not listening clearly enough.  Back to Friday. Here’s the sequence of events…

  1. Last night I received a call from a number I did not recognize and they left a voicemail. I’m working on trying to save the audio file and upload it but basically, someone I do not know (at least I don’t think so), sang me a song about being proud of me. (Big-ol’-note: I don’t write this to say “Whoo-hoo. Look at me!”) Keep in mind, I haven’t done anything special. I went to work yesterday so maybe that’s why they’re proud? Either way, it was a nice random (yet odd) thing.
  2. I went to Starbucks for my morning drink and was plotting out my next random act of kindness. I thought about how someone gave me a gift card and I used it to buy drinks for people in line behind me last week. (SO much fun!) What if I put a gift card budget into my monthly expenses and made regular, random gifts like that?
  3. In the Twitterverse, Friday’s are celebrated by #FollowFridays. Everyone takes a different approach to this but usually people list one or more individuals that they recommend their followers to follow. On Friday. I like this (and it’s always nice to receive a #FF recommendation) but haven’t really participated lately. I decided to pose a question with this tweet and hashtag.�              Several people responded that they liked this idea so I’m going to make it my new Friday tradition. Feel free to adopt it too if you’d like!
  4. One of my favorite blogs (for the sincerity and fun design that they offer) is Young House Love. Tonight’s post was about exactly items 1 & 2!

How amazing is that. Well, it is, but it shouldn’t surprise me. I think it’s just God letting me know I’m on the right track. Reinforcing a small purpose I can have. Cool. A God-thing.

Sorry for another long post but I’m realizing more and more that God is so present and relevant in my life. I knew this in my mind of course, but now I’m knowing it more with my heart.

In closing, what is in/on your heart? Have you noticed any God-things lately? I hope you’ll recognize them and be willing to share them. I’ve loved stepping outside my comfort zone. It’s been a lot easier with the feedback from you and I’d love to be an encourager as you share as well.

(And if you know how to get Tumblr to default to allow responses, PLEASE let me know!)