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When I started my undergrad, I was a “Speech and Theatre Education” major.  I wanted to be a teacher from such a young age.  When I had my first PR class, I quickly learned that I loved Public Relations and all its potential so I dropped the Education portion of my degree and graduated with a B.A. in Media and Public Communications with concentrations in PR and Theatre.

When I did my graduate work, I wasn’t quite sure “why” I was entering the program but knew it was the right time.  If nothing else, it would help me fulfill requirements to do some adjunct teaching…hopefully.  I loved my course work and find myself using it every day.  Who knew a M.S. in Organizational Leadership would lead me in many paths, which so far hasn’t included standing at the front of my own classroom.

That said – when I made the decision to drop the Education portion of my undergrad, I thought to myself that I could get the ‘teacher’ in me fulfilled by other means.  Teaching in my job. Teaching Sunday school.  Teaching my own children.

I realized today that I am teaching.  While I’m not a “teacher” (and bless those who are!!!!), I’ve had the privilege of sharing my knowledge (all be it limited) with others.  I’ve been blessed to be chosen to mentor a student from Manchester College.  I’m lucky to have an intern being placed with me this semester from the University of St. Francis.  I have friends who invite me to be a guest in their classroom like I did this week at Huntington University in Andrew Hoffman’s JTerm class.

So – thank you to those who think I have something to teach others.  I’m honored and so grateful to be fulfilled by serving in those ways.  Can’t wait to see how I can be taught in the future so that I might serve more.

How are you using yourself to learn and to teach?