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In the past few days I’ve seen several people write about “three words”.  Our CEO even asked leaders to send him our three words for our departments as we kickoff 2011 with a leadership event today.  The original concept (that I know of) came from Chris Brogan here. Several others have taken this on and here are a few:

As I thought about the idea of three words, and my lack of interest in resolutions, I thought this exercise might be good for me. Three is easy to remember. Easy to keep front of mind.  And as much as I struggle with narrowing things down, I think I could come up with three encompassing words. So – here it goes.

  • Real. Random. Relevant. Too easy.
  • Communicate. Engage. Vision. What does that mean anyway?
  • Learn. Promote. Connect.  Thinking back to one of my favorite theories, I think this will serve me well in 2011.

Learn. Continue to grow my knowledge. Not just in areas of work, but expand into my areas of interest – personal and professional.  I plan to do this by increasing my reading, finding additional sources of inspiration, and interact with more people outside my immediate circle.

Promote. This word covers so much. I need to do a better job of promoting others and what they offer. I am daily impressed with the amazing talent and kind hearts I encounter. How can I better to work to encourage and highlight this?  Promote also talks about sharing what I’ve learned so that others might find benefit.  I also need to promote what I believe in and feel has value. Wow – that might be a lot.  But, if I’m interested in being the real me, why not be honest and promote what I truly think and believe. Promote might turn into boldness and that’s okay.

Connect.  Taking what I learn and who or what I promote, how can I connect those two to benefit those in and around my ‘circle’.  I find great satisfaction in being a connector of people and ideas.  What happens if I do this even more deliberately and with bold intention in 2011?  I’m excited to find out.

What are your three words for 2011?