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Who doesn’t love good design?

If you’re anything like me and have a love of research and good design, you probably also share my love for infographics.  Continuing the theme of end-of-year lists, here are a few summary infographics from 2010.

I took the liberty of creating my own infographic of sorts. (Remember: I am not a graphic designer so don’t expect anything as pretty as the ones above.)  This illustration represents my top 23 tweets of 2010 (from March 1 (when I installed Hootsuite and began to utilize its URL tracking) to December 28.)  These tweets range in total clicks from 20-50 and are indicated below based on number of clicks, the time the tweets were sent and on what day.  Using this, I know that if I want to send something out to my followers to generate traffic, I should aim for Tuesdays between 1 and 3 PM.

Infographics_top tweets by day time clicks

Interested to know what tweets generated the most traffic? I pulled my top 23 tweets into Wordle and generated the following word cloud (using only 150 words).  Looks like my sticky content is around the #fortwayne hashtag, RT (retweets), and logos.

Infographics_top tweets word cloud

Do you have a favorite infographic worth sharing?