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I am a complete book worm. Have been since I was little. Give me a good novel, and I can have it finished in just a few hours.


But, add in two children, a husband, a job and volunteer work and my reading is non-existent to start-and-stop.  All the good reading ends up hanging out on my nightstand (as pictured above).  There are so many books on my list to read! 

I came across this post by Dave Fleet on how to read 26 books in one year and was intrigued.  I’m not sure I could actually accomplish this, but it’s worth a try right?

I look forward to facilitating some of my reading via book clubs.  We have a leadership reading group here at work.  And, I hope to participate in a local women’s leadership book club, as well as Chris Brogan’s 2011 Business Book Club (get info by signing up for his newsletter).  With a book club, there’s some type of accountability and that may be just what I need to get some of these books off my “to read” list and onto my “have read” list.

Here is the list of books I hope to read in 2011 either for the first time, finishing it or reading as a refresher (plus any others I discover along the way):

What will you be reading in 2011?  Will you try the 26 book challenge?  Want to join me in my reading list?