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Wow.  Could there be any more lists of the “top…” whatever?

I love research. I love reading about trends and figuring out how they relate to me, my work and those I know.  Here are a few of the “top” lists I came across.

Here are my “top” observations after reviewing them:

  1. We are concerned.
  2. We are concerned about privacy.
  3. We are concerned about others.
  4. We concern ourselves with how to do things better. Different. More efficient.
  5. We concern ourselves with things that don’t make us think about what concerns us.

So many of the top posts were about how to protect our privacy or similar issues. The Gulf Oil Spill and Haiti Earthquake were both in the top five trends on Twitter and Facebook.  Considering Twitter defined two of its most powerful tweets as Ann Curry leveraging the USAF to help secure Doctors without Borders in Haiti and another being a cyclist tweeting for help in Connecticut – we see that we can and do leverage the social power for good.

Look at the music trends: country and hip-hop lead the charts. Two genres that excel at storytelling and exposing some of the hard emotions in life.  Examine further the top ten most retweeted tweets.  The list is full of musicians and celebrities often being sarcastic and humorous.  We may be concerned but we’re looking for ways to lighten our load.  Do we do so to the point of over-sharing?  Does this lead to the appearance that we’re infatuated with celebrity or, in fact, are we?

In the end, I gather we are concerned about our own current state of being and that of others.  I am encouraged to see a caring, generous spirit happening online.  In my opinion, it’s more obvious online than off and I hope that 2011 allows us to be bold with our caring and generosity to those we come in contact with daily – not just via our screens and fingertips.

What would you list as noteworthy from 2010?