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My Favorite Things Revealed

Clearly not as elaborate as Oprah’s, but here is what I included in my favorite thing box to coworkers:

  • A Tiffany & Co. Box – who doesn’t love to get one of these?! Plus, it is my favorite color. (Besides green and orange. Remember, I have a hard time picking “a” favorite)
  • My Family Christmas Card – if we’re really talking about favorite things, my family tops the list. I’m not giving them away nor do they fit in a box, so a card will have to do.
  • My Grandma W.’s recipe for Mexican Wedding Rings – there’s something about a used recipe card complete with stains and corrected typing.  These are by far my favorite cookie and also represent another favorite – memories.
  • Two Discs of my Favorite Songs – I turned 30 this year so I picked 30 of my favorite songs. Thank goodness for iTunes! I love to rate my library so it was easy to scroll through my 5 stars and pick a few of the best (in my opinion).
  • Gift cards to Barnes & Noble and Starbucks – Curling up with a warm drink and a good book could sum how one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.

Well – that’s the list. And yes, I deliberately chose 5 things because I have a thing for multiples of five. And yes, many things get this much thought.

Interested in Grandma W.’s recipe or my song list?  Let me know and I’ll post them!