Who do you just love to love? Why not spend some time with them doing what they love most? One of my most favorite people in the whole world is my Pawpaw. Unfortunately, he passed away in October 2009 and I don’t get to spend any more time with him.

However, some of my favorite memories growing up is when I was with him, just hanging out in the garage while he worked or on the pier while he fished or walking around a car auction just to be next to him. I can still smell the garage, hear the water and feel the gravel under my toes.

Now, do I love to work on cars, fish or look at auctions, not really (although I grew to), but I know how much these times meant to me and he told me often how much he treasured our time as well. Make the time. You’ll treasure it and so will the person you love.

Original Post: Spend time with someone you love – simply doing they love best – because you love them.

How much did you love spending time with someone you love? What meaning did you create?