Me: I’m working on this new 30 with Meaning project. Have any ideas for me?
Friend: Sure! I can think of a lot of cool things you can do to create meaning for your 30th birthday.
Me: But, it’s not what “I” can do. It’s projects that I want other people to do. Like “you”!
Friend: I’m confused.
Me: I’m just creating a list of 30 (with help from others). Then posting the 30 actions with meaning and encouraging people to select at least one thing from the list to do. I won’t necessarily be involved at all, other than to create the initial item on the list.
Friend: Well that makes sense. That will have a greater impact than just you and people served.
Me: Exactly! I want everyone to experience the feeling you get when you create meaning in your own life and in someone else’s. The present I’ll get for my 30th birthday is knowing that 30 or so people have found and/or created meaning.