I’m getting a lot of great ideas submitted to help me generate my 30 with Meaning list. Thank you! But – these ideas are so good that I’m convinced there are even more ideas yet to be shared.

Not sure what this 30 with Meaning thing is? Check out my earlier blog post here http://hschoegler.tumblr.com/#360232939.

How you can help:

1. Send me an idea that you believe would create meaning for the person doing the action and/or the person receiving the action.

2. Share this project with others and get their ideas!

3. Send your idea to me via Twitter (@HSchoegler) or email (30withMeaning@gmail.com) or submit it via this blog.

4. Check back on February 15th to see what the final 30 ideas are and pick one to complete in 90 days by my birthday on May 15th. (You can invite me to participate too, but I really want many people doing meaningful things.)

Thank you for making a meaningful difference in the lives of others – and even your own!